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Tips for saving on your energy costs during winter


There are many low-cost and no-cost things you can do to save on your heating costs each winter:

Reduce your thermostat setting to 68 degrees. 
Reducing your thermostat setting can substantially lower your heating costs. Putting on an extra layer of clothing will help you stay comfortable while saving on your heat bill.

Reduce your thermostat even further at night and when you leave home. 
Setting the thermostat back 10 degrees at night or when the house is unoccupied can save up to 15% on heating costs. The furnace will have to run more to reheat the house, but the energy saved while the home is cooler more than offsets the extra time to reheat the home.


Change the furnace filter monthly during the heating season. 
Clogged furnace filters lower the heater system's efficiency by preventing proper airflow through the furnace. Low-cost filters are available from your local hardware store. Check filters monthly to see if they need changing.


Have the furnace "tuned up". 
Having your furnace cleaned and tuned annually helps the heating system operate safely and efficiently. Tuning may involve resetting the fuel-air mixture for proper combustion as well as cleaning of the blower and burners to assure maximum airflow and complete combustion. New furnaces often don't need to be cleaned and tuned for the first few years.


Let the sunshine in southern facing windows. 
Open curtains on the south side of your home during winter days and close them at night. Sun angles are low in winter, allowing substantial solar heat gain through all southern facing window

Check and replace weather stripping on doors and windows.
Air leaks around faulty weather stripping on doors and windows not only make your home drafty but they also increase heating costs. Check for drafts, and repair or replace worn stripping.


Reduce your hot water use.
Reducing hot water use reduces the cost of heating water. Low-flow showerheads save water and energy. Showers generally use less water than baths. Using the cold water setting on your washing machine and repairing leaky faucets will save on water and water-heating costs.

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