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It’s no secret that Lewis County Opportunities has a lot to offer.  What you may not realize is how much of an impact our volunteers have on some of our services. Programs such as our 24-hour crisis hot-line, 4 food pantries (Copenhagen, Harrisville, New Bremen, and Port Leyden), and the Opportunity Knocks Thrift Store would not be available without dedicated individuals donating their time.  In fact, if it were not for the volunteer Board members, we wouldn’t exist at all.  So if you have the time (and heart), join our team and help make a real difference in our community.

Types of Volunteerism

Volunteers play a key role in the overall quality of our services for many of our programs.  We value any donated time volunteers can offer; from several hours per week, to just a few hours from time to time.  In certain programs, volunteers undergo extensive training to better assist them in their volunteer experience with Opportunities.

24 Hour Crisis Hotline - Volunteers play a crucial role in responsiveness and effectiveness of our Victim Services Program.  If you would like more information on becoming a Victim Services volunteer, please contact us at 315-376-8202, extension 4, or email us!

Food Pantries - Volunteers help distribute food to families in need at the various Food Pantries located throughout Lewis County.  If you would like more information on becoming a Food Pantry volunteer, please contact Opportunities at 315-376-8202, extension 1, or email us!


Opportunity Knocks Thrift Store - The store relies on the generosity of volunteers. These volunteers donate their time to process incoming donations and operate the store for the worthy cause of providing a resource for folks in the community.   There's always plenty to do, so if you'd like to become a volunteer for the store, give us a call at 315-376-2981 or email us!

Agency Board of Directors - A board application is necessary for consideration for this meaningful volunteer position. As a Board Member, you could help tackle tough issues such as: rural poverty, hunger, domestic violence, sexual assault, and housing concerns. You can find out more about our services through our Board of Directors web page or Facebook site.  If you would like more information on becoming a Board Member, please contact us at 315-376-8202, extension 2, or email us!

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