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Emergency Utilities

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Opportunities' Emergency Utility Assistance Program helps families who need short-term assistance (up to 30 days) keep their utilities on.  This is a one-time service per year for eligible families residing in Lewis County.  Assistance is offered when families have exhausted all other forms of assistance available to them.  Utility assistance may include electricity, propane gas (heating only), fuel oil, or wood. 

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How To Apply

When you call to set up an appointment, some questions will be asked to help determine eligibility.  As a reminder, please bring the following documentation:

  • Documentation of shut off notice

  • Proof of all sources of household income

  • All household bills

The family needs to be in an emergency situation for continued utility services or occupancy.  Examples include:

  • National Grid shut off notice

  • Almost or completely out of your heating source (fuel oil, propane gas, or wood, etc.)

Families should call to set up an appointment, or email us 

Referrals are also accepted from other agencies.

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