By Scott Mathys, Chief Executive Officer

"Lewis County Opportunities (LCOI) is a Community   Action Agency formed in 1965. We administer numerous programs which address immediate issues related to    poverty or victimization, and other projects which offer a long-term approach to the chronic impacts of poverty. The services we offer the community are selected by      assessing local needs and identifying priority areas based upon this data. In early 2020, we completed a Community Assessment, supplemented by a COVID-19 addendum when the pandemic emerged; this then set the foundation for the construction of our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.


LCOI is one of many agencies trying to make a positive impact on the people in our community. We want to be a helping hand for people struggling with challenges. We don’t want to sit back and allow our community to degrade, or to see our youth move far away to seek jobs. We don’t want to see our housing stock deteriorate or be abandoned, and we don’t want to see people struggle to get by in their working years, only to face financial distress during retirement. LCOI will continue to remain dedicated to serving the community as best as possible. We anticipate another challenging year."


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We thank our employees, board members, volunteers, and the community for helping with our mission. Without the combined efforts of everyone, Opportunities wouldn’t be able to make such an impact within our community.