Transportation Services


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How do I obtain more information or set up an appointment?


Click on the links below to access the information needed to apply for the transportation program. 

In the "transportation packet" you'll find the forms that need to be returned to us.  (All forms will need to be completed.)  The cover letter contains contact information should you have any questions. 



Once completed, mail or drop off application to:


Transportation Program
Lewis County Opportunities
8265 State Route 812
Lowville, NY 13367 

During non-business hours, you can use our drop box located at our program building entrance (where the long ramp is).  Once we receive your application, we will review it and call to set up an appointment.

Will I need to bring other items to the appointment?

Needed items are stated in the cover letter (above) or we can let you know when you call for an appointment.  

Need Public Transportation?

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Keeping The Wheels Turning

It's no secret that lack of reliable transportation can be a major barrier for low-income individuals to maintain employment.  Our rural area lacks mass transit that is efficient for work commuting.  Car-pooling is a great idea when possible however, when it's not, a personal vehicle becomes a critical asset.  What happens when an unanticipated repair hinders a person from getting to work?  LCOI receives assistance from the

United Way of Northern NY and also self-funds a transportation program to help meet this need. 

How does it work?  A consumer completes an application which is reviewed by a Family Services Worker.  Together the consumer and worker determine other family needs, establish a budget, and identify at least one goal.  An estimate for the repair is obtained by the consumer from one or more of our local reputable vendors (of your choice).  The repair is reviewed for cost-effectiveness and approved if acceptable.  The agency pays for a portion of the repair and the consumer is responsible for the rest.  The worker will contact the consumer 90 days after the repair/service to determine if the consumer is still employed.  This measurement is used to help define the effectiveness of the program. 

This program has been a great resource for the needs in our community and is limited only by lack of funding to meet these needs. LCOI will continue to place a priority on transportation so long as the need is present. If you are at risk of losing employment due to an unanticipated vehicle repair, please contact us at 315-376-8202 extension 1. 

About our Transportation Services Program

Opportunities' Transportation Services Program can make a difference by providing a “jump start” for families residing in Lewis County, NY by helping to:

  • Provide repair work to a family’s existing vehicle;

  • Assist with tires;

  • Assist with insurance payments;

  • Assist with other alternative forms of transportation to get to and from work.


What are the eligibility requirements?


  • You must be a resident of Lewis County, New York;

  • Your gross income for the household does not exceed the level specified by the funding source (our program is made possible by a mix of funding sources);

  • You must be employed on a regular basis, or have a verified job offer;

  • You must be willing to meet with a Program Worker to create a budget and if enrolled, identify strengths and goals to help you establish self-sufficiency with your transportation needs;

  • Other requirements may apply depending on the type of service you're applying for; which we'll be happy to explain during your appointment.