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Financial Management

315-376-8202 Ext 1

Financial Empowerment (FEP)

When times are tough, agencies like Lewis County Opportunities can mean the difference between…

Having a nutritious meal… or not. 

Getting  your bills paid… or not. 

 Being able to afford rent… or not. 

Unfortunately, none of these services are guaranteed.  The only guaranteed method any of us has is to learn to live within our own budgets. Financial Empowerment (FEP) is designed to do just that.  You can sit down one-to-one with a Family Services worker to find ways to cut down on your expenses, save for a rainy day, and feel less stressed when it’s time to pay the bills. 

The fact that you are here now, shows that you are ready to take control of your finances, and it's the first step to financial independence.  Congratulations!

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